In addition to being a 9 time USA National Karate Champion, 5 time North American Cup Champion and International Karate Champion, he also holds instructor level rankings in several other martial arts, most notably a classical Bujutsu originating with the Takeda Clan of feudal Japan.

An international competitor on various USA teams for nearly 20 years, as well as winner of hundreds of competitive awards including state, national, international and world championship titles in Karate and Full Contact Fighting, Campbell devotes his time currently to studying and teaching the martial arts in addition to continuing post graduate studies and holds a degree in Oriental Medicine. As a full time martial artist Campbell continues to serve as an advisor to several martial arts organizations, the most renown of these being the International Okinawa Karatedo Federation.

Shihan Campbell has helped hundreds of teachers and students in their quest for martial arts knowledge and higher level training. His record for producing students and teachers of outstanding ability and skills is well known throughout the world. Benefit from his experience and learn karate online with this well-prepared karate training program online. He is an established International Master Instructor and has coordinated well attended international martial arts events.

Shihan Grant Campbell

Began the study of the martial arts in 1970

Current Martial Arts Ranking:

  • 8th Dan: Karate/Kobudo
  • Kyoshi: Takeda Ryu Bujutsu
  • 6th Dan Kodokan Judo
  • Hakutsuru Ken, Taikyoku Ken and other arts.
    All instructor rankings earned while residing in Japan.

  • Competitive Highlights:

  • 1991 World Karate Champion
  • 2003 World Karate Championship (Silver medalist)
  • 9 time USA National Karate Champion
  • 5 time North America Cup Champion
  • Recipient of hundreds of awards from various state and national agencies for community work and the development of various martial arts programs.

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Shihan Grant Campbell, became one of the highest ranked foreign martial artists outside of Japan and the only foreigner to be ranked in the top rankings of the Masters division at the most Prestigious Martial Arts event in the world, the World Karate Championships held in Okinawa. Campbell began his study of the martial arts with encouragement from his father, who had served in the military in Japan and studied the basics of karate and Judo in Japan (Okinawa). Campbell has spent extensive periods of time in Japan since his youth.

Having achieved the distinction of World Karate Champion as well as an International Karate Hall of Fame inductee, Campbell studied under the guidance of some of the finest martial arts masters in the world and has achieved distinctions that few Americans have ever received. He was the youngest American to ever be awarded both the prestigious Master grade of 7th Dan from the Okinawan Karate Federation Association in Japan and the title of Shihan from the Official Japanese governing body.