It all begins with the right guidance and we provide just that. Plus, our program not only includes how to deal with bullies at school and martial arts cardio exercises at home, but an entire martial arts curriculum that you may advance through at your own pace!

Imagine yourself looking for a martial arts school, even one in your local area. You've done hours of research, spoke to friends, family and anyone who has ever taken a martial arts class. They tell you there’s a school right down the block so it will be convenient for classes. What they don't tell you because most people don't know is how qualified is the instructor is and where did they learn from. This is a common occurrence when seeking out a martial art school or instructor.This has resulted in widespread problems regarding the quality of the instruction available. So many people that had the right motivation and desire have received improper instruction and not experienced the full benefit of martial arts training.

Why be taught by a salesman, or under qualified practitioner when you can experience real martial arts education under a qualified, profession martial arts teacher?

If you train with us in any of these programs, you are one of his online students and will be recognized as such. It's nice to know that the person who is guiding you through the program and teaching you about martial arts is not only a World Champion, but has done nothing other than live to further his training and knowledge of the martial arts by continually training with some of the finest masters in Japan.

There is a quote that fits quite nicely, in reference to searching for a Martial arts instructor and that is:

"The time spent looking for a proper teacher is nothing compared to the time lost with the wrong teacher".

  • World class instruction
  • Workout program designed for your schedule
  • No boredom or Plateauing
  • New workouts every week
  • Fully comprehensive Martial arts program
  • Continually ongoing progressive program (Make changes in your life)


This program is different than other programs available online or that you can buy off of television, because this program has proven that it can literally change your life.

Countless people throughout time have benefited from the martial arts in so many different ways that it would be impossible to list them all here. What can be said though is that many people training in martial arts under proper guidance and instruction have changed their lives and the lives of others. They generally appear “different”; you know the kind... They’re more confident than others because of a different viewpoint and exposure to unique training. These are people that also genuinely enjoy contributing to society in a way that helps others to achieve what they have.

Adults and children alike can develop principles through martial arts to live by that are not developed through any other means, to seek perfection of character, be faithful, endeavor to excel, respect others, refrain from violent behavior, humility, respect, compassion, patience, and both an inward and outward calmness.

Previously, many people attempted to obtain benefits from martial arts cardio video and DVD programs. We are absolutely confident in saying you will experience and entirely different level of instruction and benefits from our unique interactive online program. Most, DVD workout series don’t give the feedback essential to constant growth and development. This one does!