A sense of accomplishment! The pride in yourself that comes from setting worthy goals and attaining them.

Here a just a few testimonials and we hope that yours will accompany them in order to help other people make a decision to change their lives as well. Giving them the gift of self empowerment.
"My son's confidence has soared as he intensifies his studies in the Martial Arts with Sensei Campbell".
Starla C
"We feel very fortunate to have found such a high quality program and feel it is an honor to study under a true master in the art of Karate".
Jeff P
"Shihan Grant Campbell's devotion to the study of Karate goes beyond the fighting.He truly lives and practices what he instills in all his students.He is the best thing that I have ever done for my children".
Alex D
"Patrick has learned so many things from Sensei Campbell that will help him become the young man his family and I hope he becomes".
Ron C
"We as parents are so proud of our sons accomplishments and see these developing in other areas aside from the Karate skills. He is learning how to love, be courteous, respectful and patient".
Primo M
"This past school year my son was found to be gifted in math and reading and on the Principals honors list with all A's due to his noticeable unleashed focus".
Ken H

"Grant Campbell is without question the Best Choice for a Martial Art's Instructor. You have to ask yourself the question: Do I deserve the Best? If you believe you truly deserve the best than you owe it to yourself to learn from World Champion Grant Campbell.  I am certain that you will not find a more qualified and dedicated Martial Arts Instructor.  What sets Grant Campbell apart from the rest is his total commitment to Martial Art's, it's history and evolution.  Grant Campbell spends everyday of his life training, teaching and educating himself in the Martial Arts arena. He brings the history, spirit and foundation of Martial Arts to Modern Times by incorporating ancient philosophies, techniques and applications with modern day approaches. Approach meaning limited only to you and your dedication. You are given an opportunity to learn from the very best and become the very best; the rest is up to you. Best of luck! I hope you make the right choice!"


I would like to take a moment to discuss the results you can expect from this program. The results you receive will vary from person to person, because the time and effort put forth into the program will be different for each individual, our recommendations are always to start slow and increase as your body and mind tell you to. For instance, if you start once a week and you find yourself not remembering what you learned the week before, then you should increase to twice a week and so on. Conversely, if you are doing for example the cardio workout portion of the program and you find your body is fatigued because you are doing one or two everyday then you need to decrease the number of days or the intensity of the workouts. We will be here to guide you through these types of issues to make sure you have tremendous success in your training.

You will find that in a few weeks as long as you are committed to yourself and the program, you can expect an increase in your cardio vascular fitness, increased muscle strength in your body, more flexibility in your muscles and joints, a more positive attitude in your everyday life, increase in self esteem, self respect, respect for others, self confidence and an overall sense of accomplishment. These attributes listed above are only a small glimpse into the benefits of this program. Not all programs are the same and not all instructors have the experience and knowledge that can help you reach your goals. But here at dojoathome.com we do! Shihan Grant Campbell is one of the most qualified instructors ever to come out the United States. This is not just a biased statement because it can be backed up fully by any means necessary. Search him on Google and you will see, read any of the countless articles written about him and you will see, speak to any truly high ranking martial artist, they will all tell you, who he is and how lucky you will be to train in person, online or over the phone with him and you will see, sign up for this program and THEN YOU WILL KNOW!