Many things come into play when making this decision; What is the distance from your location? What times are the classes held? What is your schedule? Who is the instructor? How much does it cost? etc.. Well, we have the answers to those questions, you can do this program from anywhere in the world, you make your own times for the classes, you make your own schedule, extremely affordable for anyone and the best thing is you will have one of the most legitimately qualified instructors in the world as your teacher.This is an incredible opportunity to train along side Shihan Grant Campbell. No longer is it necessary to settle for less than qualified instruction in the martial arts simply because of your geographical location. Authentic and qualified instruction is now available to students 24 hours/ 7 days a week, regardless of location in the world.People travel thousands of miles and from all over the world to train with Shihan Grant Campbell and now he has developed an avenue in which you can also... but from the comfort of your own home!

Let's face it: It's true that you can buy those DVD workouts from the infomercials. There are also other online martial arts training websites, you can go join your local school, but none of them will give you what this unique program will. The ability to train with an International Karate Hall of Fame inductee, who truly studied under the guidance of some of the finest martial arts masters in the world and has achieved distinctions that few Americans have ever received and you can do this training from your home, on your schedule, whenever you want, as much as you want and for an unheard of affordability that can't be found anywhere else. Free! In martial arts, rank and belt grade only have meaning when the rank is earned from a qualified teacher.

It's time that the martial arts also embraces modern technology. Throughout the history of the martial arts, instructors have always sought different  methods to reach their students or simply to document the information regarding the technology taught. So learning karate at home with Dojo at Home utilizes that modern technology and brings it right into your home or wherever you go.

Learning karate at home does not have to cost a lot. Dojo at Home also has a great anti bullying program that you will appreciate and enjoy!

Whether you're deciding to participate in our Martial arts ranking program or you would like to take advantage of our anti bullying program, make today different! Be a part of this revolutionary training solution that makes sense! Join today! 


Walking in the footsteps of the martial arts pioneers, Shihan Grant Campbell and the Daidokai have developed the first online martial arts training program that is designed to meet the needs and interest of students around the world.

Legendary pioneers of traditional karate wanted the internationalization of the martial art since the 20th century. They wanted this valuable system of physical education and development to benefit society's around the globe.

Throughout his travels as an internationally renowned martial artist, Campbell noticed that not everyone have access to authentic martial arts training. When martial art training became popular, obviously everyone wanted to learn! Every community wanted martial arts instruction, but unfortunately qualified teachers were not and are not always accessible.

This new online program changes all that! Now you can experience the next best thing to live instruction with Shihan Campbell. This interactive program will meet the needs of both beginning and experienced students.

Because of Shihan Campbell's commitment to the martial arts, his unceasing belief in the value of martial arts training coupled with a sincere desire to provide a wonderful service to the world at large, this program is offered at no charge.

It is our hope that you will experience the value of our program and join us on the path to improving yourself with the art of Karatedo!